Manicure & Pedicure

Sublime senses

Effectiveness & pleasure to offer regenerating, lasting treatments for the care of hands and feet. Dare to enjoy a unique sensory experience.

  • Silk touch
    Specific treatment adapted to your lifestyle and age.
  • Golden hands
    Detox, treat and protect together with the well-being benefits of reflexology with different procedures adapted to your needs.
  • Dainty feet
    Effective treatment to return your feet to their original soft, smooth state.
  • Take me to heaven
    Nourish, cover and pamper together with Thai-style reflexology, allowing gentle, precise stimulation to boost the effects of our treatments.

Luxury Complements
  • Hand reflexology
    Sensory massage to transmit well-being.
  • Foot reflexology
    Using rosewood to perform the gentle stimulation of reflexology points. Relaxing and stimulating... revive your feet after hours of high heels, running, etc.
  • Techniques
    The latest products to provide greater durability, adapted to every type of nail.
  • Shellac
    Permanent nail varnish.

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