Hair cares


Rituals and treatments to care for your hair and scalp using the latest products and techniques to achieve a radiant finish.

  • Short hair
  • Mid-length hair
  • Long hair
  • Extra-long hair
  • Waves supplement
  • Extensions supplement
  • Up dos
  • Braids

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Luxury Complements
  • Gold Sublime
    Revitalize and rejuvenate your scalp using active ingredients that nourish and regenerate the heart of the hair fiber and the scalp, prolonging their life. Boost your hair's natural shine by adding intense golden highlights thanks to gold dust.
  • Platinum & Diamonds
    The latest in hair care to combat the hair's ageing process, recovering its vitality and natural volume.
  • Glacial White Caviar
    Hydration is the first step to healthy hair. This treatment combines fresh, soft textures, filling the hair with light and life and leaving it unbelievably silky and radiant.
  • Phyto-aromatherapy
    Beautiful hair using scalp treatments. Tailored hair treatments combining a personalized diagnosis, specific treatment techniques and products with high concentrations of essential oils, vegetable extracts, vitamins and biotechnological ingredients. (prevents dry hair, hair loss, greasy hair and dandruff)